Explain the main features of the Mauryan administration.

The main features of the Mauryan administration are:

a. There were 5 major political centers in the empire- Pataliputra, Taxila, Ujjayi, Tosali, and Suvamgiri.

b. The administrative control was strongest in areas around the capital and the provincial center. These centers were chosen carefully by the rulers.

c. The Maurya Empire was so vast that the administrative system was not uniform.

d. The central administration was in the hands of the king. He had control over the legislative, executive, judiciary, army and finance.

e. King used to run the administration with the help of 30 officials.

f. There was also a local government consisting of a committee of 30 members. They were assigned the task of maintaining the rules and regulations.

g. A separate system of law and order was set up

h. The main idea was to propagate the concept of Dhamma. This led to the appointment of Dhamma Mahamatras.

i. Officers were also appointed to manage the land revenue, irrigation, and roads.

j. There was an organized army as well as a committee consisting of 6 sub-committees to coordinate various military activities.

k. Both Taxila and Ujjain were situated on the important long-distance trade route.

l. Suvarnagiri was important to tap the gold mines of Karnataka.

m. Communication both through laneways and waterways was important for the existence of the Empire.