Imagine if oil supplies get exhausted, how will this affect our lifestyle?

Oil is a basic necessity of the economy today. It is used in almost everything. If it get exhausted, it can affect the economy and living in the worst of the ways. Some of them are:

(i) Electricity, which is the basic necessity of today’s world, will come to a halt. If there is no electricity, no refrigerator, no air conditioners, no phones etc.

(ii) Production would completely stop. We would be deprived of almost everything. Even vegetables will not be available.

(iii) All transportation would come to a halt. Roadways or railways, everything will stop.

(iv) Technology advancement will also slow down.

(v) Without electricity, we will go back in the Stone Age. Industries will halt, growth in agricultural areas will stop completely.

(vi) If there is no oil, there will be no transportation, if there is no transportation, then we will be deprived of food and supplies.