Read the newspaper report and answer the questions that follow:

A vessel dumped 500 tonnes of liquid toxic wastes into open-air dumps in a city and in the surrounding sea. This happened in a city called Abidjan in Ivory Coast, a country in Africa. The fumes from the highly toxic waste caused nausea, skin rashes, fainting, diarrhea etc. After a month, seven persons were dead, twenty in hospital and twenty six thousand treated for symptoms of poisoning.

A multinational company dealing in petroleum and metals had contracted a local company of the Ivory Coast to dispose the toxic waste from its ship.

(i) Who are the people who benefited and who did not?

(ii) What should be the developmental goal for this country?

(i) the people who have dumped the toxic waste are the benefitted and the people who haven’t are not benefitted and they belonged to Abidjan in Ivory Coast, a country in Africa, where people were not aware of hygiene issues and they kept committing mistakes daily and now they are suffering.

(ii) The development goals for the citizens of this country are to increase or raise their awareness towards the Pollution due to which they are getting suffered, like they don’t know about sanitation and they keep dumping tonnes of liquid toxic waste in open-air in a city that causes nausea, skin rashes, fainting, diarrhea etc.