Do intentions justify actions? Would you, Like Horace Danby, do something wrong if you thought your ends justified the means? Do you think that there are situations in which it is excusable to act less than honestly?

It is indeed true that intentions justify actions but we should not always fall a prey to them. It is equally important to judge the action before performing it. We must ponder upon the consequences. In the case of Horace Danby, his intentions of robbery were not bad but a robbery is a robbery. His justification of doing so for purchasing books doesn’t make him less of a criminal and neither does it heal the harm caused to the person robbed.

I would not like to do any wrong thing in any situation. However, it is also true that there are many situations in life in which it is excusable to act less than honestly. For example, it is fine if I eat a chocolate from the refrigerator in the night when everyone’s sleeping but we need to keep ourselves away from these petty things as well. We never know when these trivial things turn into a habit and we are possessed by the art of acting in dishonest ways.