Why did Bholi at first agree to the unequal match? Why did she later reject the marriage? What does this tell about her?

Bholi was a simple and innocent girl who didn’t want to upset her parents. She knew that no one would agree to marry her as she was neither beautiful nor intelligent and that her parents would not take a wrong decision. Besides this, Bishamber didn’t demand anything as dowry which lessened the pressure on her father.

During the garland ceremony, when the veil slipped back from her face Bishamber saw the pock marks and demanded five thousand rupees from her father. Bholi’s father put his turban at Bishamber’s feet but Bishamber adamantly told him that he would not marry her if he wasn’t given the amount. The situation enraged Bholi and she threw the garland and rejected the marriage.

Bholi was no more shy and innocent but sensible and confident.