Discuss those developments of the 1937-47 period that led to the creation of Pakistan.

i. The Congress’ failure to mobilize the Muslim masses in the 1930s allowed the League to widen its social support.

ii. From the late 1930s, the Muslim League began to viewing the Muslims as a separate nation from the hindus.

iii. The provincial elections of 1937 seemed to have convinced the Muslim League that Muslims were a minority, and they would always have to play second fiddle in any democratic structure.

iv. In 1945, the Rift between the Congress, and the League, saw itself the sole spokesperson of India’s Muslims.

v. The League success in the seats elections of 1946 encouraged them to demand for Pakistan.

vi. Three-member mission sent by British cabinet suggested that India should remain united with autonomy for Muslim majority areas.

vii. However, the Congress and the Muslim League did not agree to the specific details.

viii. After the failure of the cabinet mission, the Muslim league decided on mass agitation for winning its Pakistan demand. It announced 16th august 1946 as “direct action day”.

All the above factors led to the creation of Pakistan.