Read the following descriptions and answer the questions that follow:

Kareem has opened a computer class centre in the village. In recent years, a large number of students have been attending college in Shahpur town. Kareem found that a number of students from the village are also attending computer classes in the town. There were two women in the village having a degree in computer applications. He decided to employ them. He bought computers and set up the classes in the front room of their house over looking the market. High class students have started attending them in good numbers.

1) In what ways is Kareem's capital and labour different from Mishrilal’s?

2) Why didn't someone start a computer centre earlier? Discuss the possible reasons.

1) Kareem’s capital is computer which is fixed capital when on the other side Mishrilal’s capital is sugarcane crushing machine which is his fixed capital. Kareem has hired two women as labourer where Mishrilal’s labour is his own family members, he didn’t need to hire any labour, and he is self-employed.

2) Someone didn’t start a computer centre earlier because of the lack of education and electricity facilities. The other possible reasons could be non-availability of persons of having a degree especially in computer education, less students etc.