Talk to some old residents in your region and write a short report on the changes in irrigation and changes in production methods during the last 30 years.

I talked to two old residents in my region related to irrigation and method of farming 30 years back. Many changes in irrigation and production methods can be found.

1. Irrigation: The method of irrigation was a very laborious work 30 years back, because Persian wheels were used by the farmers to draw water from the wells and irrigate small fields. But now after 30 years, the tube wells run by electricity could irrigate much larger areas of land and too effectively and quickly. Tube wells were first set up by government, but now farmers have started setting up their private tube wells.

2. Production Method: 30 years back, production activities like sugarcane crushing was done with the help of bullock, but now people prefer to do it by mechanical sugarcane crushing machine which is run on electricity. This has not only increased the efficiency of the process but also helped the farmers in making more profits out of the process.

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