Visit a nearby hospital, either government or private and note-down the following details:

(i) How many beds are there in the hospital you have visited?

(ii) How many doctors are there in the hospital?

(iii) How many nurses work in that hospital?

Besides try to gather the following additional information:

(iv) How many hospitals are there in your locality?

(v) How many dispensaries are there in your locality?

I visited a medium sized private hospital located near my house.

(i) There are 30 beds in the hospital. All beds were well maintained and cleanliness is at the top; hygiene is maintained by the workers and different beds are made available for different kind of patients so that the disease of one patient can’t be communicated to others.

(ii) There are 20 doctors available in the hospital. All doctors come on time and they also ensure proper maintenance of their dress and hygiene. They are very polite. There are 5 doctors especially for children and various other specialists as well.

(iii) Around 30 nurses work over there. All of them dress themselves properly and ensure hygiene in the hospital. They assist doctors in their work and look after the patients in absence of the doctors.

(iv) There are two hospitals near my locality. One of them is a government hospital and other is privately owned. The government hospital is really big in size but one can easily see underutilization as well as wastage of resources. The doctors hardly come on time, there are apparent issues with hygiene and almost negligible accountability towards the patients. The prices for availing the facilities is though very low. The private hospital on the other hand is expensive. The facilities in the hospital are very well managed and a close vigil is maintained over the timings as well as the service quality.

(v) There are three small dispensaries in our locality. They are managed by well qualified doctors. One of the dispensaries holds specialisation in handling child and woman related medical issues, one is managed by a bone specialist doctor and the third one is a physician clinic.