Match the following.

(i) Glacier

(a) Sea shore

(ii) Meanders

(b) Mushroom rock

(iii) Beach

(c) River of ice

(iv) Sand dunes

(d) Rivers

(v) Waterfall

(e) Vibrations of earth

(vi) Earthquake

(f) Sea cliff

(g) Hard bed rock

(h) Deserts

(i) Glacier (c) River of ice

Glaciers are called the rivers of ice as they a look like rivers that are made of ice.

(ii) Meanders (d) Rivers

The twisting of rivers, in the plain, leads to the formation of meanders.

(iii) Beach (a) Sea shore

Sea waves hit the sea shores to form beaches.

(iv) Sand dunes (h) Deserts

In deserts, the blowing winds lead to the formation of sand dunes.

(v) Waterfall (g) Hard bed rock

When the river tumbles at steep angle over very hard rocks, it forms a waterfall.

(vi) Earthquake (e) Vibrations of the earth

The sudden vibration of the surface of the earth is called earthquake.

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