The anti-arrack movement in Andhra Pradesh drew the attention of the country to some serious issues. What were these issues?

In Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh were habitual of taking alcohol that is arrack. The habit of alcoholism was running the health of people and also financial conditions of people were ruined. Women and children were the worst sufferers of the ill effect of alcohol. Women in Nellore district came together and started Anti-arrack movement. Many wine shops were closed in Nellore. In 1992, women took out a big procession in Hyderabad to mark protest giant the sale of arrack. The slogan of Anti-arrack was - “Prohibition on the sale of arrack’. Issues raised in the Anti-arrack movement:

1. The core issue of the Anti-arrack movement aimed at the sale of alcohol (arrack).

2. Its demand touched upon the larger section of social, economic, political issue which has established a close nexus between crime and politics.

3. Women openly discussed the issues of domestic violence in the light of Anti- arrack movement of Andhra Pradesh. It drew the attention of the country to some series issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse at work and public places dowry, etc.

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