Describe the shifts in the narration of the events as indicated in the three sections of the text. Give a subtitle to each section.

The initiation –

The initiation shows the building of the strong ship ‘wave-walker’. The ship was professionally built and innumerable enthusiastic preparations were made in 1976 by the author and his family. The wave-walker had completed the first phase of the three year-journey very nicely when they were entering the Southern Indian Ocean. So the Captain hired two American men namely American Larry Vigil and Swiss Herb Seigler to help the Captain one of the world’s roughest seas. A certain shift in the narration in the first section is noticed when the ship encounters an atrocious weather when the high sea waves created a havoc. The water started seeping into the boat and to top it all, the Captain met with an accident. Even though the situation had only deteriorated, the best part was that everything was being handled by the people together as a family.

Overcoming the situation-

The second part of the story deals with the entire family and crew standing up together and overcoming the situation. The brighter side of human nature is reflected here wherein they all help one another be stronger every time. The young ones too display a sense of prompt action and fearlessness. They display the actual nature of brevity.

The Victory-

The third part of the story shows how the occupants of the ship have safely reached Amsterdam. Initially, the Captain had lost all hopes of being able to successfully reach the island. But a sudden announcement by his son cheered him up when he heard is son declare that he was the best father and captain the whole world.