What do ancient stories tell us about the civilisation of Mesopotamia?

Ancient stories tell us a lot about the civilisation of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was situated between the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers (now part of the Republic of Iraq) Mesopotamian civilisation was rich in wealth, city life, literature, mathematics and astronomy. One by one, three civilisation flourished there. These included Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian civilisation. These civilisations are collectively known as the civilisation of Mesopotamia. Social, economic and religious life of this civilisation is given below:

(i). Social life. Mesopotamia society was divided into three classes. The first two classes consisted of higher people. People of these classes lived in good houses, wore good clothes and enjoyed several privileges. People of the third class were slaves and they lived in huts. Women enjoyed lower status in Mesopotamia society.

(ii). Economic life. Economic life of Mesopotamia was very prosperous. They were agriculturalists. Agriculture was developed. They had constructed dams across rivers for irrigation. They knew the use of tin, copper and bronze. They knew how to weave cloth, construct buildings make ornaments and several other articles. They also traded with their neighbouring countries.

(iii). Religious life. Mesopotamians worshipped many gods and goddesses. They made their idols and placed them in temples. Every town had its own god and goddess. Sumerians called their temples Ziggurat. Their main gods were Shamas (the sun), Sin (the Moon), Anu (the Sky), and Eninel (the Air), etc. The main god of Babylonians was Marduk and goddess was Ishter, Asur was the major god of Assyrians Priests held a respectable place in society.