Compare the conditions of life for a French serf and a Roman slave.

French Serf: French serfs cultivated the land mainly of lords. That’s why much of the produce was taken away by the lord. Forced labour Beggar was also taken from them. They were not allowed to leave the estate without the permission of the lord. Serfs could grind their flour in their lord’s mill, could bake their bread in his oven and could distill wine and beer in his wine presses. The lord also had the right to decide to whom a serf should marry. They had to work extensively and were given no wages or incentives.

Roman slave: A Roman slave had a very hard life. They were more like a property; object that can be bought or sold. They had no rights or identity. They had to work continuously for several hours. They were chained so that he might not escape. They were not unchained even when they went to sleep. They were forced to bear more and more children because their children were also made slaves when they grew up. However there were some free slaves whose life was better.