What are 5 advantages and disadvantages of natural fibers?

Natural fiber refers to those class of fibers which are derived from natural sources like cotton, linen, silk, wool etc.

The advantages of natural fibers are as follows:

1. They are resistant to fire.

2. Natural fibers on burning do not produce poisonous gases.

3. Natural fibers are easily affordable.

4. These fibers absorb sweat and water and hence such clothes are comfortable for summer months.

5. Natural fibers are safe for human skin and are biodegradable.

The disadvantages are as follows:

1. The strength of natural fibers is very less as compared to synthetic fibers.

2. Natural fibers are heavy in weight.

3. Natural fibers can be damaged by moths and other insects.

4. These fibers are not wrinkle-free.

5. These fibers are not long lasting and hence not durable.

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